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Arrival and Departure


So as children can be fully involved in activities parents are asked to bring their children to the nursery by 9.30 am. When arriving parents are asked to identify themselves via an intercom system. On entering they will place their child in the care of one of our members of staff. When arriving/ leaving the premises parents children will be signed in/out.


It is our policy that children only be released to individuals authorised by parents/ carers who are named in our records. Parents may collect their child at any time during the day.

Late collection

Any child who is collected after 6.30pm will incur a fee, the fee is specified in out terms & conditions.


If there is an emergency parents should inform the nursery as soon as possible and arrange for another named person to collect the child. If in the unfortunate event that the child is not collected by 7pm, we the nursery shall in the first instance attempt to make contact with the parents and then those listed on our Emergency contact records. If no contact can be made with those named, the procedure is to contact Croydon Social Services Department.

Parents are expected to update the nursery of emergency contact details, home address of the child, names, addresses and phone numbers of those collecting the child and primary carers.

Security measures

We ask parents not to open the entrance doors to others as it is our policy for only staff members to open the doors at collection time. If staff do not recognise the person collecting the child they will ask for identification. In the event that a person has no identification, they will be checked against our records before the child is released. If a person we have not met is to collect the child on a particular day, we ask parents to ring the nursery on the same day before collection. We will ask for a description of the person collecting and exchange a password that the person collecting will use on arrival. If a person not recognised by staff is being seen to be behaving suspiciously we will inform the police immediately. Ensure that any new person collecting is added to our nursery records.

It is nursery policy not to allow a person under 16 to be responsible for collection.

For further protection of children and our staff the nursery is equipped with a panic a button alarm system, which will summon the police when activated.