Complaints Procedure-Image

Complaints Procedure

All complaints will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence. Complaints will be sympathetically heard, discussed and will be acted upon if the Head of Nursery agrees that they are justified. A record of each complaint will be kept.

Records, and Access to information

Access to a child’s records can be granted to the parent at any time and can be read in our office but not taken away.
Under the day care and childminding regulations, certain records must be kept for several years after the child leaves. These include daily attendance, accident reports, and medication administered on the premises. Other records may be given to the parent/carer should they want to pass it on to the next day care provider or primary school.
After this time the records will be destroyed by shredding or deleted from our database. If there is a reason why they need to be kept for a longer period we will discuss this with you.