Fire Drill Procedure-Image

Fire Drill Procedure

Overall responsibility: The Manager

  • If a fire alarm is activated the manager will determine whether it is a false alarm
  • Other staff responsibilities:
    • To ensure that all children and staff exit the building and assemble in an orderly fashion in the garden area.
    • To ensure that all children and staff are registered and determine if any one is missing.
    • To ensure that children wait in an orderly manner for further instructions.
  • When the fire alarm sounds, children and staff will evacuate the nursery. Staff not teaching will ensure that rooms have been checked. The manager will collect the register and ask staff to check that all children in their groups are present.
  • The Manager will decide whether it is safe to return to classroom. If not, emergency services will be called.
  • All parents will be contacted and asked to collect their children when it is safe to do so.
  • Fire drills will be conducted regularly at 6 weekly intervals agreed with the FSO (Fire Safety Officer).