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Accident & Injury Procedure

Upon registration the nursery will require three emergency contact numbers, addresses and phone numbers. It is vital that these are kept updated so parents will need to inform the nursery of any revised contact details. We also require the parent, guardian or carer to sign an agreement to provide emergency treatment or hospitalisation of the child.

All preventative measures are taken to avoid accidents but in the unfortunate event of an accident occurring, minor injuries will be dealt with by the First Aid Provider. Parents/guardians will be informed of an accident even if it is minor. If the incident is of a more serious nature the ambulance will be called. We will act in loco-parentis.

Parent/s or guardians will be contacted immediately.

Recording of accident and injuries

All accidents are recorded however minor. This is completed on a standard record sheet which parents will be asked to sign to prove that they have been informed. These records are kept in the child’s file. All records are kept confidential under lock and key.

Great care and regular risk assessment is carried out concerning safety