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Medication, Health And First Aid

Children in need of medical treatment

Children that require medical attention will be taken to the office. Although we are not able to dispense tablets we are able to carry out basic first aid as certain staff are first aid trained. Parents may leave certain medication, which has been prescribed by a G.P. (e.g. asthma pumps and cough mixtures). The administering of any of these will be witnessed by another member of staff and recorded.

We are able to give Calpol only if the parent has signed a consent form on the day and this prescribed medication has been provided by the parent

If the child has a raised temperature of 38 º plus, we will ring the parent and attempt to bring the temperature down by giving Calpol if signed consent has been given. If the childs temperature has not fallen with our efforts and is still rising after 15 minutes we will ask the parent to collect the child.

Sick children

If a child is seriously unwell, parents will be notified and asked to collect their child as soon as possible. Whilst waiting the child will be cared for by the Manager.

If it is observed that the child is in pain whilst waiting for parents to arrive he/she will be taken to the hospital by ambulance to seek medical treatment.


Parents must inform the nursery if their son or daughter has any known medical conditions, health problems, allergies or has been into contact with an infectious disease. Children must not attend the nursery if they are unwell or have a contagious infection or disease. Please note that the nursery cannot accept attendance of children who are suffering from certain infectious illnesses. This is governed by the statutory welfare requirements.

Children who have gastric upsets must be excluded for a minimum of 48 hours. Children who have a raised temperature must be excluded for a minimum of 24 hours.

Re-attendance must be confirmed by your child’s doctor.

Informing the parents

If a child that attends the nursery has been into contact with an infectious disease parents will be informed. If a child has an accident, attack or is unwell parents will be informed immediately and asked to collect the child.