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Special Educational Needs

We are committed to treating each child as an individual and aim to provide access for all including those who have Special Educational Needs. This may include learning, behavioural, physical, gifted or talented. We are willing to promote the welfare and development of a child within the nursery in partnership with parents and relevant parties including the Area SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator), and the LEA (Local Education Authority) Croydon.

In identifying a child who has special educational needs, we will provide differentiated material, our Montessori sensorial materials are particularly effective. Individual learning and behavioural strategies, adjustments to the nursery environment and support from specialist staff and parents will ensure that the child’s needs are met. Records kept in relation to the above are confidential and will be kept in a secure area.


The nursery is set in a detached building in a residential area with disabled access. To access the classrooms above there is a short flight of stairs. There are children’s toilets on the ground floor and first floor of the building.

Equal Opportunities

Equality of opportunity, regardless of race, religion, ability or gender is paramount in building children’s self esteem. We are strongly committed to providing accessibility, care and education to all.

We aim to provide children with the knowledge and understanding of different cultures, languages and religions. We would like children, staff and parents to embrace and celebrate these differences as it makes for a rich and diverse learning environment.

Equal opportunities is achieved by:

  • raising self esteem and confidence.
  • ensuring that all children are included in all activities.
  • displaying positive images and objects to reflect the diversity of cultures.
  • using a variety of resources and materials that reflect this.
  • providing activities which will help children appreciate our differences.

We welcome the ongoing support and involvement of parents, carers and relevant organisations. This is invaluable and intrinsic to our success in meeting the nurseries aims and objectives.